Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Results after 3 kg Sandow's sytem cycle

It's the end of the second cycle of Sandow's dumbbells exercises system and it's time to do the next measurement.
Let's see what I got during the last 15 days of training.
All measured parts show increase in size and even my belly which I don't like! I think it's due to my excess eating of ice-creams and cookies.
All measures are in centimeters.
R&L biceps: 36.5; 35.6
Chest (inhaled): 106
Waist: 85.5
R&L thighs: 60; 59
R&L calves: 39; 39
R&L forearms: 29.5; 29

I'd like to remind that the measurements were taken next day after finishing the cycle (the body was not pumped by the exercises right before the measurements but in a normal state).

По завершении следующего цикла приходит время замеров! Всё подросло, включая живот, что меня не очень радует. Но я думаю это произошло из-за того, что я ел безмерно мороженки и печеньки.
Выше можно посмотреть результаты замеров в таком порядке:
Всё дано в сантиметрах.

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