Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sandow's system of exercises with dumbbells 6 kg results

And so it's time to post my measurements taken after finishing 6 kg dumbbells exercises. This time I am not so satisfied with the results because they are not significant. I went through a lot of pain and struggle when doing biceps curls and push-ups, but my chest didn't grow and my biceps grew just a little.
For some time I didn't have any improvement on my biceps but then later I thought the problem was that I had breaks between the sets and when I made a video and didn't have breaks my biceps became bigger, but then later I still had breaks between the sets and the size still improved so I guess it was just a plateau which I finished due to increasing reps. Some parts didn't grow at all. I just hope that what happened is strengthening of my muscles without growth. I am having a break between the cycles and today it's the 5th day of complete rest. I almost don't feel pain in my arms so I will start the new 7 kg cycle after one more day of rest. I hope the new cycle will bring me much coveted growth in size and strength.

Now take a look at my measurements (in cm):
Weight: 76.4 kg
Height: 170
Biceps LR: 37; 37.9 
Chest (inhaled): 106.5
Waist: 85
Thighs LR: 59; 59.5
Calves LR: 38.5; 38.6
Forearms LR: 29.5; 30

Happy upcoming New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2016

О Сандове на русском

Передача российского телеканала о Евгении Сандове и некоторых других легендарных личностях.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sandow's dumb-bells system day 7 (6 kg)

My training came to this point when I am using 6 kilos dumb-bells and it is hard, but I still hope I can reach the final weight of 9 kg. This time I forgot to do the alternate version of the 4th exercise.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sandow's system 6 kg update

Hi. For a couple of last weeks I didn't grow a millimeter of muscles on my biceps. Today I made a video of my training and I did exercises without breaks between them. Then at the end of my training I found out that my arms were bigger which haven't happened during my last weeks of training when I had 1-2 minute breaks between each exercise. H-m-m-m. So, I guess I needn't have breaks unless it's really necessary? Yet it was really bad to not have a break between the first two exercises. Muscles ached a lot and I had to shrug my shoulders a bit (unconsciously) to keep doing the second exercise.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sandow's dumbbells 6 kg training first impressions

As the post's title says my first impressions are as follows: biceps exercises are hard to do; alternate form of the 4th exercise is difficult to do and I can no longer keep my arms in horizontal position;  the 5th exercise is much harder to do now; of course I can hold my arms at the shoulders level for a shorter time now during the rotational exercises; I didn't notice a very big difference in other exercises.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Post Sandow's system 5 kg dumbbells training measurements

Hello. The 5 kg cycle is over and I measured my body parts. This time no impressive gains and there are even some regressions. It may be due to my poor measuring skills though, so either data taken may be wrong - the past or the present. 😕
I had 5 day-offs during the 5 kg cycle. Maybe my results are not so good due to that? In my previous cycles I had no day-offs, then 2 day-offs, then 3 day-offs and I had 2, then 3, then 4 days breaks between the cycles.

This are the results (in cm):
Weight: 76 kg
Biceps LR: 36.6; 37.4
Chest (inhaled): 106.6
Waist: 85
Thighs LR: 58; 59
Calves: LR: 39; 39
Forearms LR: 29.2; 30.2
Measures are taken on the next day after finishing the cycle.

Compare the photos, but seems not much of a change visually.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Changes to my training

Hi. In my previous post I wrote that some exercises are painful and such as the lunge and punch. I decided to check Sandow's book again and I found out that in the beginning I comprised my training schedule from a couple of his tables and I chose the higher values of repetitions. So, this time I reverted back to the original ones and thus there are less punches I do now. There is also a little change in some other exercises i.e. less repetitions for squats, less push-ups (without weights).
Finishing the first exercise is so hard now when the number of reps reaches >90 times.