Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sandow's system of exercises with dumbbells 6 kg results

And so it's time to post my measurements taken after finishing 6 kg dumbbells exercises. This time I am not so satisfied with the results because they are not significant. I went through a lot of pain and struggle when doing biceps curls and push-ups, but my chest didn't grow and my biceps grew just a little.
For some time I didn't have any improvement on my biceps but then later I thought the problem was that I had breaks between the sets and when I made a video and didn't have breaks my biceps became bigger, but then later I still had breaks between the sets and the size still improved so I guess it was just a plateau which I finished due to increasing reps. Some parts didn't grow at all. I just hope that what happened is strengthening of my muscles without growth. I am having a break between the cycles and today it's the 5th day of complete rest. I almost don't feel pain in my arms so I will start the new 7 kg cycle after one more day of rest. I hope the new cycle will bring me much coveted growth in size and strength.

Now take a look at my measurements (in cm):
Weight: 76.4 kg
Height: 170
Biceps LR: 37; 37.9 
Chest (inhaled): 106.5
Waist: 85
Thighs LR: 59; 59.5
Calves LR: 38.5; 38.6
Forearms LR: 29.5; 30

Happy upcoming New Year!

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