Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A small progress in weighted chin-ups

Hello! I want to show you my little progress in doing pull-ups/chin-ups. At first I tried to do as many pull-ups as I could - that was 11 times. Before that I could do around 8 times. I attempted that for several times during a week and next week I did 11 times of strict pull-ups.
One natural bodybuilder whom I kind of trust said that if you can do more than 10 pull-ups then you need to add weights for better training. So I added 10 kg of dumbbells. Why exactly 10 kg you may ask? Because that is the weight I train now following Sandow's system (5kg x 2).

When I added 10 kg on me I decided to do chin-ups instead of pull-ups since chin-ups should work your latissimus dorsi in a better way than pull-ups plus biceps have a better workout too.
My first attempt resulted in 5 times of strict chin-ups. Several days later I tried it again and did 6 times. All strict chin-ups, or at least I think so!

In the video below you can see my empty pull-ups, my weighted chin-ups attempt 1 and attempt 2. All done between several days, not in one day.

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