Saturday, September 23, 2017

Alien boy mannequin

Hello. This Kid Castle preschool institution has a very weird looking mannequin which is supposed to represent a human boy. Strangely enough the other mannequin which represents a human girl looks totally normal.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My experiment is over - I finished training by Sandow's system! (Final results after 9 kg dumbbells)

It's time to publish the results of my experiment. I think that I couldn't make it pure enough to finally give Sandow's system a solid YES or solid NO, because I strayed from his prescriptions significantly, such as I had my training sessions on a several-days-between-them basis and not on a daily basis like it was supposed to be, I went dieting which undermined my power and size gains and reflected on the results making them minute. 

Yet from what I have felt during my training when I was eating a lot with no limitations I can say that I would still not reach the same or even close muscle mass as Sandow had himself. The same goes for the power, even if I wouldn't be on a diet during several last cycles of the system I would still not be able to perform power feats which Sandow could perform. Not even close and that's for sure. Nevertheless this system can really improve your strength and add some muscles on you but you need to eat well. It will not take away any of your body fat unless you go on a diet.

It was quite a good and pleasurable experience to grow muscles on arms and legs while using just up to 5 kilo dumbbells. Give it a try if you don't feel like using big weights. With just 2-5 kilo dumbbells and good hearty meals every day you can add on average 3 cm to your arms girth and other places.

As for the impressions from the last 9 kilo cycle I can say that it was hard, many of the exercises fell down below the minimum repetitions recommended by Sandow, for example if I needed to do 14 reps of one exercise then I could do only, say 10. One of the hardest was the first exercise (bicep curls) which I usually did only 50 reps without going higher at all. Sometimes I could do 60 or 80 but I have never done 100 or the maximum of 120 reps of bicep curls. My hands were aching too much during the exercise.
Here is day 7 of 9 kg dumbbells training cycle -

Here are videos of me doing push-ups and chin-ups after several days have passed since the end of the last cycle - 

Now the measurements of my body after finishing the last cycle of the system using 9 kg dumbbells.
I took them the next day after the last training, all data is given in cm:
Height: 170
Weight: 70.1 kg
Neck: 38.5
Biceps LR: 35.3; 36.1
Forearms LR: 29; 29.5
Chest (inhaled): 106.9
Waist: 76
Thighs LR: 55.5; 57.5
Calves LR: 38; 37.7

Huang Fei Hong '92 zhi long xing tian xia THE MASTER

Huang Fei Hong '92 zhi long xing tian xia THE MASTER
The voice acting is terrible, lipsync is all wrong whether it's a Cantonese or Putonghua version. English voices are the same for both versions and they are similarly terrible.
Fighting scenes are more or less good because at that time they still didn't use too much of wirework so fights look more or less realistic.
At first it seemed that Jet Li didn't even do simplest tricks or stunts such as just running and jumping over some obstacles not to mention participate in fighting scenes. All the work was done by his "doubles", but later on he did more action job although far from doing all of it. Like this I wonder why there are these "stars" who do almost nothing except showing their faces and moving their mouths if those stuntmen could do it as well plus all the cool things they do instead of the "stars"?

Some bloopers I found in the version I watched. I remember watching another version of this film and there were even more goofs like visible mats lying on the ground for actors' safety and such.

Here Jet Li or starts running after a car but next shots it's his double for some reason:

Here in the fighting sequence a double does most of the job instead of Jet Li:

Here a double of Jet Li does a simple trick of pulling a woman in the bus:

Here a double of Jet Li does a simple work of standing on a platform and holding himself on a rope instead of teh actual Jet Li:
Here a road cop stops at the rear of the car and the road on the right side of him has a central reservation, but the next shot the cop is far behind the car plus the road is different, there is no central reservation:

Here Jet Li's character has his hat blown off his head, but the next moment it's back on his head:

Here the protagonist puts on his sneaker without tightening his shoelaces and we can see one end of the shoelace hanging down, but a bit later after a lot of fighting the lace is in a pretty knot, tight and nice:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Skeleton Warriors (animation series)

This is interesting. When I was but a boy I got to watch several episodes of this show, but they were not complete so I was left with a question: "What happened next?"
Not so long ago I got my answer since I downloaded the series and watched them as an adult (I am rather a kidult than an adult though).
It appeared that I missed only two last episodes when I was small. Unfortunately they didn't develop the show nor add many more things to it and the last episode was just a big disappointment since it doesn't end the show leaving  it instead with an "open" end. A very "open" one at that.
The whole idea of indestructible skeleton warriors and super powered heroes is a badass in itself, but the show is too short to develop it well and make it a much better thing than it came out to be.

Watch it but don't expect too much and be prepared for that "open" end and many possibilities being neglected and undeveloped.

I found some visual mistakes in this show.
This ape soldier's armor has shading on the bottom part and then it hasn't -

Baron Dark arm's shadow appears and disappears without a reason -

Prince Lightstar dropped a tray of food on the floor and the next moment it's not there! -

Grimskull's belt mysteriously loses its loose end -

Guardian's skybike loses a part of it which is a skull with a sword in it -

Joshua or Grimskull has something strange happening to his jaw part -

Joshua's leg has a strange shadow on it -

Lightstar looks like a humpbacked man or like he has no neck. Plain ugly -

Shriek's foot intermittently has and hasn't some pink ribbons on it -

Both Grimskull and Guardian's skybikes lose their decorative knives from the decorative skulls -

Talon's rings on her left thigh suddenly change their position on one line lower -