Monday, March 5, 2018

Комплекс растяжки для шпагата для людей со средней гибкостью

Привет! Может быть кому пригодится этот комплекс растяжки для шпагата. Он рассчитан на людей со средней гибкостью или тех, кто уже начал растягиваться и уже не новичок, но и, пока, не достиг больших успехов.

Попробуйте, возможно, вам, понравится этот комплекс, тогда можно запускать это видео и повторять за мной. Всё в реальном времени и можно просто всё повторять без остановок.
В интернете не много таких видео за которыми можно повторять, как за инструктором в спортзале. Я нахожу удобным такой подход, когда тренировка даётся вся с обьяснениями по ходу дела, а не только примеры, и нам не нужно запоминать или переписывать, что и как делать и потом пытаться по памяти всё выполнять. Тут всё проще. Ещё один нюанс - я на шпагат не сажусь, выполнять упражнения растяжки за теми видеоблоггерами, которые уже сидят на шпагате и показывают чудеса гибкости, я не могу. Пытался следовать за некоторыми мастерами шпагата из мира боевых искусств, из йоги, но кроме чувства раздражения и бесполезности от таких видео для тех, кто на шпагате ещё не сидит, я не увидел. Ведь невозможно выполнить, то что они показывают, при этом чуть ли не половина времени в их видео посвящена сидению на шпагате и разным трюкам в шпагате. Моё видео не отполированное, сырое, но я его делал для себя, а потом решил выложить в Ютуб, вдруг кому-нибудь пригодиться!

Комплекс выполнять в таком порядке: утреннюю тренировку можно делать каждый день; вечернюю можно делать через день или 3-4 раза в неделю; дополнительные упражнения можно делать, когда есть свободное время и нечем заняться или в течение дня или через день-два.
Спину не гнуть, держать ровно, у меня не получаеться, а вы делайте!

Если не уверены в своём здоровье, то посоветуйтесь с врачём, можно ли заниматься растяжкой перед тем, как приступать к упражнениям.

Итак, три видео - утренние, вечерние и дополнительные занятия.

можно делать каждый день

можно делать через день или 3-4 раза в неделю

можно делать, когда есть свободное время и нечем заняться или в течение дня или через день-два

Friday, February 23, 2018

Eugen Sandow's lightweight dumbbells system of exercises explained

Hello. Some people asked me to give a more detailed explanation of the system and how to do it.
This post is precisely about that.
I made a video where I give examples on how to do the exercises and I give my comments there about that. The video is enough to follow the system, but if you want to try out numbers of repetitions given by Sandow then you should have a look at the tables given in this post. They are taken directly from Sandow's book. You don't need to follow them but they can give you an approximate aim to hit when you are doing the exercises. You can as well read the original description of the exercises given by Sandow in his book which I placed here in this post. So if you feel that my examples and explanations are wrong you can follow the exercises using your own judgement.

Firstly there is a warm-up routine recommended by Sandow to prepare your body for the main work-out.

Next you may want to write down the table numbers for each exercise if you want to follow them and then make some sort or your own table which you can follow daily. Mine is given under Sandow's table for adults.
In my table I have 22 exercises because it was more convenient for me to write down some Sandow's exercises as separate ones and I have some of my own, not included in his system, thus 22. SO, numbers on top of my table represent exercises - 1-22 and numbers on the left represent days of training in a cycle - 1-15.

Here is a book from which I got the exercises: Sandow on physical training

Here is a video I made with some explanations and pieces of advice.

A "play list" for the video

The warm-up  - 00:02:06
1 - 00:15:05
2 - 00:18:00
3 - 00:19:00
4 - 00:20:32
4 (variation) - 00:21:04
5 - 00:22:10
6 - 00:23:20
7 - 00:24:20
8 - 00:25:35
9 - 00:26:52
10 - 00:28:26
11 - 00:29:30
12 (the same as 11 only done to the other side) - 00:32:27
13 - 00:32:50
14 - 00:35:57
15a (added from Sandow's booklet) - 00:40:15
15 - 00:41:45
15b (added from Sandow's booklet) - 00:43:30
16 - 00:44:40
16 (variation) - 00:46:00
17 - 00:48:50

The same video, but in Russian language

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Our new training

Hello, reader!
After graduating from Eugen Sandow's system of light-weight dumbbell exercises I started training with barbell and heavier dumbbells and a bit of other stuff. I also made my wife exercise so she wouldn't slack off after finishing her Sandow's course.

For now I don't want to describe my new exercises since I don't see any good results. I am still losing muscle mass. My diet is still in development. When I start gaining muscles then I will describe what I do. For now just a little update on how my body looks after a few of months of this new training.

What I am proud of is that I made my wife train for pull-ups and chin-ups and after several weeks she could do one of each and then after another couple of weeks she could do 4-5 chin-ups. Have a look:

You can also see a couple of exercises I do with a barbell: triceps bench press, biceps curls leaning on a wall.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TRANSFORMERS the Head masters

The head masters of the TRANSFORMERS - can't recommend it.

Now some bloopers from the production team.

Here Daniel disappears and reappears - a miracle!

Next Arcee has some change on her neck plate.

This time Soundblaster has his cassette lid change color.

And finally Soundblaster has some problems with his head - it's partly invisible!

A strange penis in Suzy Spark's porn

I watched a porn with Suzy Spark (not telling you why did I do that) and there was an actor with a very strange penis. The guy also had some skin pigmentation defects which touched his dick as well. So here is a photo of his strange member If you are under 18 years old, don't look.

Have you seen such a penis? There are bristles of skin around the glans like lizard's spikes. Is it a disease or is it okay and you know many examples of such natural decorations of a human reproductive organ?


After the serious DBZ/KAI this SUPER season is like a silly childish show aimed at kids and dumbasses. I watch it only out of the love to the previous seasons and all the time can't help but compare them and SUPER loses on every turn.

First, it looks ugly. The design of characters has changed to the worse and there is nothing more painful than to see main characters look like they suffer from dystrophy. It's unforgivable! I hate Toriyama now for making them look like scrawny idiots and making most of them abandon training and martial arts practice with no logical reason. Even without training they still should look something better than what we see in SUPER. Just plainly ugly and nothing like before. Backgrounds look dull and with no detail, characters are drawn too simply, with no detail. CG animation and drawing took the upper hand in the show. It is to simplify the workflow, isn't it? Not to simplify the show! Motherfuckers!

Second. The show suddenly became all about aliens and other rubbish akin DRAGON BALL GT. Too many alien life forms come to Earth these days with too little explanation as to why. Jaco, those dog-like aliens with a prize for Mr. Satan and such. It all makes the show look stupid and unreasonable. No more rules of any sort apply. Wacky stuff, silly acts - just for kids. But what about us who are not kids anymore but still love the universe and characters from it? We were left out or made spit at the screen and grind our teeth in the face of another stupid scene of Gohan being dumb with his daughter, or king Pilaf and his team being children and doing stupid stuff. By the way there was no explanation of why they are children now, how did it happen and when. They just show it to our faces as a fact without ANY fucking backstory to it! Don't tell me it's somewhere in some full feature film or something like that, because I am not obliged to watch those since they are not shown on TV as a part of the series. I watched DB, then KAI and SUPER back to back and there was nothing on the topic so it's just a stupid thing to make Pilaf and his team take so much screen time without saying a word as to why they are children now!!
Speaking of children... Everybody is obsessed with babies in the show now. Everybody is pregnant and giving birth... Disgusting. 

Third, TOEI or Toriyama or whoever is in charge made main characters as weak as bugs and some new guys are made way too strong while their bodies look nothing like that! So even Goku still has muscular body he is weaker compared to some idiots like Caulifla and the lot. It's just impossible, impossible, impossible in a logical and rational world which DB stopped to be!! There is healthy spirit in a healthy body as the saying goes and we see SUPER doesn't follow this simple truth. You can't store more and more energy (Ki) in your body if your body is a small weak vessel with chicken muscles on it. Toriyama was hit in his head probably since he turned his masterpiece into some stupid kids show with no logic, reason and beauty of the physical and spiritual strength.

There are many bullshit things in SUPER if you keep tracking things since KAI and DB. THey should have remade the whole series from the beginning to the end to make it in line with this new SUPER style and shittery otherwise it just pisses the real fans off more and more when there are discrepancies between the seasons such as KAI and SUPER.
Here are some things which I find the most annoying or strange in the show which don't have any explanation inside the Dragon Ball anime universe. There are many others but they can be explained by some far-fetched answers so I leave them out even the explanation can be arguable.

If you look closesly at the button on Bulma's clothes then you can see it shrinks and expands slightly which is strange.

Gohan looks as weak as a patient of cancer clinic yet then suddenly out of blue he becomes as muscular as in DB KAI when he entered king Zen's exhibition tournament!! What a twist! How did he do that? If he used the same technique as master Roshi then he should not be able to maintain this form for a long time. But it seemed that the muscles were on him naturally and not due to some technique. We know he didn't do a shit of a training except for one sparring time with Piccolo which couldn't make him like that! Bullshit!

Jaco. Who the fuck is Jaco and why he is even in the show? What fucking sister does Bulma have? She was never mentioned before and even when they showed her in SUPER and introduced this Jaco character they didn't explain how exactly did they meet and why doesn he call Bulma princess. Another just-shove-him-in character with no background story. And he looks ugly, just like a mutant human baby from which Toriyama probably drew inspiration for Jaco. As his real life prototype he should just die, as soon as possible and never to be shown in DB again.

 Kaioushin of the 6th universe was never a tall guy, but in SUPER he shrunk to even a smaller size. Such a tragedy for a shorty. Compare his height to Gohan (who is the same height as Goku) and Kibito in DB KAI and to GOku and Kibito in SUPER. Do you see any difference? They just made him a dwarf for no reason. Seems that Kibito became smaller as well...

Mister Satan's eyes were always blue in DBZ and KAI, and then they became grey colored in SUPER. Why???

Trunks was always gifted with pink hair in DBZ and KAI and then when he comes back again in SUPER he has blue hair and Bulma even says he was with blue hair before. Okay, Bulma may be daltonian (a color-blind person) but we are not!! Why the fuck he has blue hair now? What is even more interesting is that the little Trunks still boasts pink hair!

Here's a big blooper of DBZ and KAI - all the bad guys are retaining their bodies in Hell while they all should be turned into cloud shaped souls. WHy they all have their bodies? Okay, I don't know. Let's go to SUPER now and what do we see?? We see Frieza in a different Hell and he has his mechanical body instead of his normal body which he had in KAI's Hell!!! HOW THE FUCK COME??! If they knew that they would change his Hell and his condition in it why they didn't cut the scenes of Hell from KAI and be with it? Then Nobody wiould raise any questions. But they failed miserably as planners and scriptwriters! When they were producing DB KAI they knew they were going to release SUPER and they knew they would bring Frieza back to life s owhy the hell they didn't take care of this nonsense?? Who knows... monkeys should throw their shit on the makers of the show each time they visit a zoo.

Where the hell did zenkai power go? Sayians boasted to have this unique power of getting much stronger after experiencing near death injuries or exhaustion. Where did it go? Why no mentioning why they don't use it anymore and why it doesn't work anymore? Here in SUPER we see Gohan nearly die from a wound inflicted by Tagoma. He was revived then by Senzu bean and yet he didn't become stronger even a bit which Tagoma's words prove.

Another thing got me thinking is Trunks' time travel. Look what I came up with.
Traveling through time as it is shown in DBZ and DBS is impossible. Here is why. Trunks travels from the future of the world into it's past where Goku is still alive and didn't die from the heart disease. Ok. Then he stays for a while and helps fighting Cell. Ok. Then he goes back to his future which is already became a separate alternate world where Goku and others are still dead and Cell and androids were alive and Trunks had to defeat them by himself. And this is the "impossible" part of the travel. Why? Because Bulma invented a time machine, not an interdimensional alternate worlds traveling machine! Once Trunks set his foot in the past of his world which is the present shown in the anime then he would never be able to return to his future world since by logic he should travel into the future of this world where Goku and others are alive becasue they were warned and thus saved by Trunks. So, the future Trunks should go back to is the future where Goku fights Beerus and everybody is alive and kicking, where Bulma gives birth to Bra and where there should be two Trunks - one younger and one older (the future Trunks) who comes there from the present time world (after defeating Perfect Cell with Gohan and others). Right? Right! Bulma's time machine doesn't have any settings to go to an alternate world which appears once a time travel is done. It has only time destination settings which logically would take you to the same world's future and past from which it is started! Which means that one and the same Trunks could go through only one timeline of the one and the same world. Theoretically it's possible that Trunks from the other alternate future which was formed after changes in the past done by time travel could come into the past (present in the world we watch in the show) because that past is still the same past so there can be two Trunks from two different futures in the present time, only if they try to go back to their respective worlds they will end up in the future of the world where Goku was saved and Cell defeated by Gohan and others, thus two Future Trunks will appear say in the time when Beerus appeared.
Let me try to make it clearer on examples. Let's call World 1 the world where Goku is saved by the medicine from the future brought by Trunks from that future. Then let's call Future 1 the world which forms after this interference in the past caused by Trunks time travel to save Goku. Then let's call Future 2 the future world where Goku is dead and Trunks is supposed to travel to after coming to the past (World 1). Now there are 2 Worlds and 2 Futures - Future 1 where Goku is alive and Future 2 where Goku is dead.
Future 2 Trunks goes to World 1 - the past of Future 2 world. Then Trunks presses buttons in his time machine and sets to go 10 years to the future - of course he travels 10 years into World 1's future and upon arriving he should meet Goku and others 10 years older and himself at age of 11 years old (two Trunks, 1 from the Future 2 and 1 from World 1). The time machine doen't know which world he wanted to go and doens't have such technology anyway, only time travel, not dimensions travel. The Future 2 would be left with no Trunks at all after he went to the past and androids would keep rampaging it without anyone to oppose them until maybe Cell appears and consumes them, but that needs another analysis to see if he would appear at all or not due to this time travel paradox.
The whole story about Trunk's future and him fighting anyone in it and Zamasu (Black Goku) appearing in it is a huge BS which never happened assuming Bulma made just a time machine and not an inter-dimensional time travel machine.
What should really happen is Trunks appearing in the near future of World 1 and settling down there alongside Vegeta and Bulma and his younger self since he can go nowhere else except for further into the future of World 1 or further into its past which he would have no interest in.

So many question and so little answers. The show is not over yet so there may be more.


Hi, guys!
I am a big fan of Dragon Ball universe and I love watching the anime. As you may know TOEI rerun the series in a shortened edit called DRAGON BALL KAI where they replaced openings and endings with new ones and changed some things slightly in the show. They also cut the fillers from it. Otherwise it's the same good old DRAGON BALL Z only with mostly much worse music. Visually it's the same and pleasant to the eye. Animation and design is great.

Here I noticed one little problem with coloring which is strange since they redid everything and improved some of other old mistakes made in DBZ. This one was obviously missed out.
Look at the spot between Gohan's legs and you will see that they forgot to color it green and left it blank white.