Thursday, September 24, 2020

Худеем, сбрасываем жир Вместе! Результат!/Let's slim down, lose fat together! Result!

 Hello, everyone!

Since I've started my weight losing regimen I really lost a lot of fat together with muscle mass of course. 

Unfortunately I didn't follow the prescribed regimen to the letter and after about 2 months of skipping on the rope I had left this activity and just trained 3 times a week and had 150 grams of food per 3 meals a day (not including some snacks and fruits/vegetables as a side dish).

Later I had been sick, worked too much, had traveled and during those times I couldn't train at all and eat normally, so I lost muscles and strength.

Finally I came back to normal training regime (3 times a week) and measured eating and after 1 or 2 weeks of that I had measured my body data.

Let's see how do I look like now and what measures my limbs have.

Weight - 67.6 kg
Neck - 37.7 cm
Biceps LR - 33.9; 34.5 cm
Forearms LR - 28.4; 29.1 cm
Chest (inhaled) - 106.5 cm
Wast - 74.5 cm
Belly - 79.5 cm
Thighs LR - 54.4; 55.5 cm
Calves LR - 37.5; 37.4

My working weights for 5 repetitions, 1 set (barbell, plates):
bench press - 62 kg
barbell row - 65.5 kg
raises on toes - 124,5 kg
pistols - 6.25 kg
trapeziums - 110.5 kg
seated head raises - 28 kg
military press - 35.5 kg
abs - 37.5 kg

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Nudity in Chinese temples and some other stuff

I've stumbled upon one of the most weird murals in a Chinese Buddhism temple which shows a contemporary pig shepherd and a pissing monk who flaunts his manhood. Check it out!

This is a shoe shop which is called Harry Potter. No little TM (trademark) near Harry Potter, so it's an unauthorized usage of the trademark.

Here there is some propaganda poster of some sort, but pay attention to the upper part where the software they used to make it prompts them to add their content which they didn't and just printed it out like that.

Some bad English from China

A selection of hand-picked mistakes and bad English from China. Enjoy.

Service unvilable

Disalied parking only

Pee into the pool, shit in the pit 


Fruist x Fullness


Funny Mao Zedong/Смешной Мао Цзедун

While traveling around China I noticed this strange and funny statue of chairman Mao and it reminded me a maneki-neko (a japanese cat toy, usually displayed at shops).
Во время путешествия по Китаю я заметил эту странную и забавную статую председателя Мао, которая напомнила мне манэки-нэко (японскую игрушечного кота, которого обычно выставляют в магазинах).


To make things even more similar I'll tell you that in Chinese "mao" can also mean "cat".
Чтобы добавить больше сходства, я скажу вам, что по-китайски «мао» также может означать «кот».

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Liu Yifei in an erotic film?

Look at this! Liu Yifei the mainstream actress was in Sex and Zen movie? Haven't seen it, can't confirm, but by the looks of it she surely was!

It feels like ti's the same face, isn't it? Or is it just another example of "those Chinese are all alike"?

BATMAN Arkham city's assassin's mishap

Behold what Batman's power can do to an assassin! Landing in an awkward pose is one thing but having your arms and legs broken is different level altogether.

The pictures are in stereoscopic 3D in over-under and anaglyph formats.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A reliable VPN service (and the best for China)

While staying home on the quarantine or staying in China for work or leisure you may need to use a VPN service for browsing some regionally locked content or bypass government restrictions on visiting some websites, perhaps your IP was blocked by some website and a VPN service may come in handy to gain access again. 

I'd like to present you a VPN service which I use for several years and rarely have any troubles with it.

You can have a trial week following my link here and choose a subscription plan in case you like the service.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bella Hadid's dirty life

For someone who's been in quarantine for several days and doesn't clean own house - shame on you!

Monday, March 9, 2020

GTO (live action TV series from 2014)

I don't know if the plot of the series related to any source materials or not, but the anime and the predecessor of this show (GTO live action TV series from 2012) feel much more interesting.

In one of the episodes this English letter from the U.S. to a Japanese student seems to be not so much from the U.S. if you read the English in it.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Chinese funnies

Some things I caught in China.
Many parents allow children to draw on walls. A plainly stupid idea because children carry this over to outside of their homes and draw on walls in classrooms, buildings etc.

This kindergarten has plants instead of children. Sleep well, little leafy ones.

This is the agent 007. OK, 0007.

You really want to catch a rat? I think using a shoe inner sole as a bait is a bad idea. Or is it a good idea? After a whiff of the sole a rat will feel bad and want to hide in a conveniently placed hideout which is a trap. Na-h, I think rats are more clever than that~

Chinese rainbows have 5 colors. And different rainbows have different colors. Western world knows nothing about rainbows. Stupid laowais.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Forgetful people and personal information exposure

Look here, some guys totally lost or forgot their ID cards at a hospital, 12 of them and one bank card!
It was so nice of the hospital workers to stick the cards at a very noticeable place, so the forgetful guys could find them easily next time they decide to visit the hospital. Only one thing is unsettling - anyone can use their personal info for whatever they want to! Dates of birth, names, addresses, ID cards' numbers, everything is in full view! China is so China.

How do you like this Chinese WB outlet?

Warner bros.  has a side business of  selling mobile phones in China. Didn't you know?

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Новый альбом Наташи Королёвой

Я подумал, что название альбома надо чуть-чуть подправить. Вот, что получилось.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020