Saturday, December 7, 2019

Ignis Scientia from "FFXV" is probably based on Kagami Kyosuke from "Justice gakuen legion of heroes"

First I played Final fantasy XV. Then I played Rival schools united by fate and I noticed some resemblance between Ignis and Kyosuke. The same reserved demeanor, seriousness, knowledge and pragmacy, glasses and other subtle things.

I got a shot of Ignis from "FFXV Brotherhood" anime  but it may not show you much of a resemblance. If you've played both games too, then you should notice the similarities between the two characters.

Kagami Kyosuke

Ignis Scientia

Furthermore, if you compare this cosplayer, who tried his best to portray Ignis, with Kyosuke then you may think he was actually cosplaying Kyousuke rather than Ignis.

Я нашёл Мирославу Олешко родню в Америке!

Пидарасы они везде, нет для них ни национальных, ни географических границ. Вот например, есть Олешко, яркий пример пидара в обоих смыслах слова, он из Украины. А есть и его американский побратим, да не просто побратим, а брат почти родной. Встречайте!
Вот Олешко Мирослав:

А вот его собрат/брат:

Новости из растаманской Германии

Тут, ребята, без лишних слов и представлений, смотрите сами:

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ranma 1/2 nettouhen

First of all let me tell you that this Ranma series can be entertaining but not for long. Characters never change and they are like frozen in time, sometimes literally (Tatewaki Kuno for example is 17 even after 2 years in the anime and the main characters are also still 16). So, when you start to watch the anime you can discover ins and outs of every character and later on all this ins and outs stay the same rendering the series not interesting. There's no development. At all. And this is only one of other reasons why this anime is not good to watch if you have a critical mind, there are also many inconsistencies in details. If you want to watch Ranma 1/2, then just watch the first season: you've seen one - you've seen them all!

Here is a funny thing: Ukyo is "tending" to Ryoga in the tent, there are her black pants on her.
 The next moment she's peeking out of the tent asking if Ranma is okay, not wearing her pants!
 And then, when she comes out of the tent she's wearing her pants again.

Here is a mystery of Akane's socks' height:

The chair challenge/Вызов со стулом

How to do Professor Attila's 5 pound dumbbells workout

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Weird China again

Just two funny things: broken English and broken Russian

Ломанный русский язык в переводе с китайского на пироге медовике