Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A reliable VPN service (and the best for China)

While staying home on the quarantine or staying in China for work or leisure you may need to use a VPN service for browsing some regionally locked content or bypass government restrictions on visiting some websites, perhaps your IP was blocked by some website and a VPN service may come in handy to gain access again. 

I'd like to present you a VPN service which I use for several years and rarely have any troubles with it.

You can have a trial week following my link here and choose a subscription plan in case you like the service.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bella Hadid's dirty life

For someone who's been in quarantine for several days and doesn't clean own house - shame on you!

Monday, March 9, 2020

GTO (live action TV series from 2014)

I don't know if the plot of the series related to any source materials or not, but the anime and the predecessor of this show (GTO live action TV series from 2012) feel much more interesting.

In one of the episodes this English letter from the U.S. to a Japanese student seems to be not so much from the U.S. if you read the English in it.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Chinese funnies

Some things I caught in China.
Many parents allow children to draw on walls. A plainly stupid idea because children carry this over to outside of their homes and draw on walls in classrooms, buildings etc.

This kindergarten has plants instead of children. Sleep well, little leafy ones.

This is the agent 007. OK, 0007.

You really want to catch a rat? I think using a shoe inner sole as a bait is a bad idea. Or is it a good idea? After a whiff of the sole a rat will feel bad and want to hide in a conveniently placed hideout which is a trap. Na-h, I think rats are more clever than that~

Chinese rainbows have 5 colors. And different rainbows have different colors. Western world knows nothing about rainbows. Stupid laowais.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Forgetful people and personal information exposure

Look here, some guys totally lost or forgot their ID cards at a hospital, 12 of them and one bank card!
It was so nice of the hospital workers to stick the cards at a very noticeable place, so the forgetful guys could find them easily next time they decide to visit the hospital. Only one thing is unsettling - anyone can use their personal info for whatever they want to! Dates of birth, names, addresses, ID cards' numbers, everything is in full view! China is so China.

How do you like this Chinese WB outlet?

Warner bros.  has a side business of  selling mobile phones in China. Didn't you know?

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Новый альбом Наташи Королёвой

Я подумал, что название альбома надо чуть-чуть подправить. Вот, что получилось.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Новости со взаимосвязью, не так ли?

Fish the Penetrator

There was news that a boy got his neck skewered by a fish.

He got very lucky that it wasn't such fish as this one

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

SPIDER-MAN (1996 animated TV series)

This Spider-man version was my standard since it was the first one for me to see anything about Spider-man and his adventures. Later when I was exposed to more of the iconic hero media I only got more reassurance that it was and is the best version up 'till now.

The only parts I didn't like in the series are those about the Goblins (Yellow, Green). I dislike those characters and not interested in any episodes involving them. The roster of the rest villains and allies is big and various, from Doc Oc to Dormammu, from the Black Cat to the Fantastic 4. Of course the CGI is out of place in the cartoon, but it's bearable. It's good that the series told Parker's story from one point of his life to another, progressing in time, unlike many other series which are stuck in with random stories in every episode and the characters never change.

Here is a set of strange things I noticed

I suppose it should be LIFE functions

Muscum? Maybe museum?

I didn't know in America of Marvel comics they use Greek writing. Anyone to confirm it's a meaningful text or just a gibberish?

Wliat is Spiderman! Indeed, WHLIAT??

From now on I cease all communi catons with people and start to have communications!

Here my question is: why upon imprisoning the most powerful criminals in the city the police kept their weaponry and armors nearby and didn't dispose of it or at least put it at some far away and better protected place?? Another question is why Shocker and Rhino were allowed to stay in their suits, but Mysterio and Scorpion weren't? And why not saw off doctor Octopus's tentacles. They are not a part of his body, so there's no harm to him in it.

Here Doc Oc has his tentacles cut off, but next moment they are all fine!

The newspaper text can change, just like Harry Potter's magical newspapers!
"...relief effort" became "...reliff effort" and Dr Mariah Crow's toes arrive in New York? wow! what about the rest of her body? WAit a minute, is she Dr Crow or Dr Crowford? Wait another minute! Is Spider Man a Spider Man or a Spider Main???!

Hey, buddy, did you finish your antigravity rese arch? I thought so! When you're done with it begin to research English spellings!

This guy starts his attack in one outfit, progresses with it in another and finishes the attack with the first one! He must be Flash, I didn't recognize him, thought the Flash was white.

Greek specialists, is it Greek or in New York all newspapers use some variant of English like that?

Oh, my. Spider-man went to Russia and look what he saw there: POLICIЯ! Which is probably POLICE, but at that time there was no POLICE in Russia, there was МИЛИЦИЯ.

No need to call Russian specialists here, I am the one adn I am here already. Telephone in Russian is Телефон, without any accent marks over an O. Why does it say Telephone there, but no number is written anywhere? And why the rest of the card is not in Russian? The name is in English and then something in Greek?? Mother Russia is fucked up in 1996-1997! Well, New York and America were as well...

EXO squad

Hello! This time I'd like to praise the EXO squad animation TV series. It's a very solid and consecutive show which, I believe, deserves a live action iteration. Exo-skeleton suits, mechas, unknown alien threat, artificial sapient human replacements, space pirates and a great war - it got everything!
There are some aspects which contradict with real world physics and science and it those are eliminated or explained then the show would be perfect.

I found some weird geographic mistakes and offer you to have a look at them. Other places on Earth were named correctly, such as New-York, Chicago and so on.

1 - NIAGRA falls instead of NiagAra falls

                                           2 - MANITON island instead of Manitou island

Monday, December 30, 2019

Сбита девушка на зебре!

Появилась новость, что некий водитель сбил некую девушку на зебре.

Возникает вопрос, а зачем она на зебре каталась на дороге, где машины ездят?

Такую на такой?

Или такую на такой?

Угадайте страну по фото



Но почему же эти транспортные средства так переможно выглядят? Или по-даунски? Полиция Британии принадлежит Украине теперь или это в поддержку людей с синдромом Дауна?

Ого какая волосатая!

Ого-го какая волосатая!