Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beware of Chinese hotels on!

  Fellow travelers! Beware of Chinese hotels on! They will not give any sign of it and won't contact you to give a warning. They will just do nothing until you arrive and then they will tell you that they don't accept foreigners.
  This happened to me so I want to let you know. You should call them or e-mail them to make sure they will accept you. Or you will have to hectically look for another hotel when your cellphone battery goes down and Internet connetion will be bad. You will have to contact so they would help you to find another hotel and cancel the one who rejected you.
To make things completely clear: Xinglin hotel near Xi'an airport does not accept  anyone except mainland Chinese citizens.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

my first ever video clip

   I am proud to present my first ever video clip! I spent 3 evenings patching it all up together and I think it's not bad.

Check it out:

Hello and Welcome!

  With this post I begin a fascinating journey of blogging. The journey begins with stumbles - my page is not eligible for google adsense! Minimum of half a year it must be active. It puts me down. I thought of making some income by hosting advertisements which now is not the case.
  Well, let's enjoy doing what we do for free and take what's given when it's given.