Saturday, February 13, 2016

No phones on China Eastern

No phones on China Eastern

  You know, this came as a very bad surprise - no usage of mobile phones allowed on board of China Eastern planes. Why the hell laptops can be used, and tablet PCs are ok, but a phone even with an airplane mode on is not allowed to be used? So how am I supposed to read a book or watch my videos? The magazines offered on board are all in Chinese so who can read them except Chinese? The video screens in the plane show some bullshit or don't show anything at all, so it's very boring if you don't havea book with you or something else to do. I didn't have a book, a book is a heavy thing to travel with.
 China Eastern claims it's the law in China which prohibits the usage of mobile phones, but then again this law is so unfair by alowing to use laptops and other things.

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