Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Post Sandow's system 5 kg dumbbells training measurements

Hello. The 5 kg cycle is over and I measured my body parts. This time no impressive gains and there are even some regressions. It may be due to my poor measuring skills though, so either data taken may be wrong - the past or the present. 😕
I had 5 day-offs during the 5 kg cycle. Maybe my results are not so good due to that? In my previous cycles I had no day-offs, then 2 day-offs, then 3 day-offs and I had 2, then 3, then 4 days breaks between the cycles.

This are the results (in cm):
Weight: 76 kg
Biceps LR: 36.6; 37.4
Chest (inhaled): 106.6
Waist: 85
Thighs LR: 58; 59
Calves: LR: 39; 39
Forearms LR: 29.2; 30.2
Measures are taken on the next day after finishing the cycle.

Compare the photos, but seems not much of a change visually.

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