Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Testing foundational strength requirements for acrobatics

I stumbled upon one webpage which stated that it's quite possible to start doing acrobatics at almost any age and since I am in love with acrobatic skills I would like to give it a go.
Firstly you must complete these checkpoints:
10-15 inches vertical leap (15'' = 38 cm) to be able to do a back flip
60 sec handstand near the wall to be able to do a free handstand
15 sec free handstand to be able to do a frog stand
15 sec frog stand to be able to start drilling controlled negatives
muscle-up on rings or a bar

Monday, January 30, 2017

Злые новости - Кто на свете всех милее!? (Выпуск 5)

Злые новости - Вечеринка с игрой в ящик! (Выпуск 4)

Sandow's system of training with dumbbells (8kg) contemplations

Hello. Upon moving forward in the 8 kg cycle I stumble on some things such as the biceps curls and the spreading arms before chest exercise. The former I can't complete without having short breaks because my hands accumulate some kind of pain and I don't want to keep holding the dumbbells, and the latter becomes increasingly hard to complete, it's hard to keep arms in the horizontal position while connecting and spreading them. I am afraid I'll have to do a little break here as well.
Exercise 3 is hard too, I mentioned that before. Well, actually nothing is easy, except for the squats - that's the easiest exercise; and the shoulder raises - the second easiest one; and the overhead arms raises is the third on the scale of easiest exercises. All others are hard.

Interesting, how will I manage to go through the last cycle of 9 kg dumbbells?

Злые новости - Туман в Индии! (выпуск 3)

Monday, January 23, 2017

8 kg dumbbells of Sandow's system - day 1

Hello. It's day 1 using 8 kg dumb-bells and I will not post day 7 because I want the video to be short. Day 1 has the minimum reps so it's perfect for a shorter video. Previously I wanted to show that I can go through the whole cycle and the middle day of the cycle would show it well balancing between the length of the video and the reps' quantity. I think that it's not needed now and I will just show the first day of this cycle and the next one which is supposed to be the last one.
The first impressions are similar to those I had of the previous cycle. The bicep curls are extremely hard to complete making the first day's 50 reps as difficult as when doing 100 reps with 6 kg dumbbells.
We'll see if I can reach the finishing line of 8 kg cycle and then 9 kg one. I will surely do small breaks in the bicep curls exercise. The third exercise also becomes hard to finish at higher reps.

Here's the video:

Meimei's cooking - Asian apple pie!

Have you ever gone on a culinary adventure? We invite you to come with us to the kitchen of mystery and to discover new horizons of taste in this "HOW TO MAKE IT?".
For the journey (and the ASIAN APPLE PIE) you'll need:
4 egg whites
1 tablespoon of sugar
6~ tablespoons of milk
1? cup of flour
1 apple
1 multi-functional electric cooker

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sandow's system 7 kg dumbbell results

Hello. I finished yet another cycle of Sandow's exercises with dumbbells and I am ready to give you my new results. 7 kilos were hard to tame, sometimes too hard so, as I expected, I had to have very short breaks in a set of bicep curls. I did something like this: nonstop to 70, then 5 breaths in and breaths out and a break of several breaths in and out at 90 or so. I used this way only during the last days of the cycle when the reps were closing in on 100 times. I had to do it like this since it was too painful to continue without a little break.

I incorporated neck exercises into this system modifying it even more to my liking. I use my DIY harness for one range of motion of the head and neck and then for the others I use my hands to create resistance. I did it as an experiment during some last few days of the cycle, so the next one will start with these exercises included.

Finally I reached the Neck/Bicep/Calf proportion! Ha-ha-ha! For years I've been thinking it would be so cool to get the same biceps size as were my calves and here I am, got there! Although it's not because my biceps grew largely, but because my calves shrank in size for some reason.

So, here are my measurements (all in cm):
Weight: 77.1 kg
Neck: 38
Chest (inhaled): 108
Biceps LR: 37.4; 38
Forearms LR: 29.8; 30.5
Waist: 84
Thighs LR: 59.5; 60.5
Calves LR: 38; 38

All measurements are taken next day after finishing the cycle, "cold".

Friday, January 13, 2017

DIY guide on how to make a head harness for weightlifting

Hello. I made a simple head harness, and I think if you are tight on money like I am then you can follow my simple design.

You'll need a strong belt/strap, scissors or a knife, lighter, and a scotch tape/thread and needle.

First, measure your head circumference with a tailor's meter or the strap which you are going to use and cut a bit longer piece than you actually measured, so you could tie two ends together. Tie it while on your head so it would fit it well.

Then cut two pieces off the strap whichever length you want for your training. These two pieces will hang down from the harness and hold your dumbbells or weight plates, so keep this in mind in consideration of their length. Tie them well to the sides of the loop you made for your head. I tied them right next to my ears so the straps wouldn't bother them when exercising.

Next cut a comparably short piece of the strap and tie it to the head loop behind the knots of the hanging straps. Adjust the length of it by putting the almost ready harness on your head and checking if the top piece is sitting well on your head. Don't make it loose or there is no sense in attaching this piece to the harness. You can even try the harness without it and see if it is OK. I put it there for additional support on the head.

Now use the scotch tape (sticky tape) to fixate all the knots of the harness in places. It's important to make them stable so they won't move during exercises. You can use a needle and a thread instead. For me it's much faster and simpler to use the sticky tape.

Now the final result is a harness which allows you to use weights in order to train your neck muscles.
I just tie a dumbbell to the hanging straps or even two dumbbells.

I use a hat to soften the pressure on my head from the harness.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sandow's system dumbbells training 7kg day 8

Hi, hi, hi! I am back with 7 kilos of dumbbells on my hands! Dammit, it's hard!! 😣
The first exercise - bicep curls - is the most difficult now! My left arm lags in development and it performs not as well as the right one, but I hope the exercises will even them out as Sandow told.
I also feel that I may start having a little break not only between the exercises but inside the bicep curl exercise as well, because it seems like I will not be able to pump up 100-120 reps in one go.
The second exercise is hard too, yet it has less reps so it's doable.

The video this time is vertical, I know it's bad, but my camera failed me so I can't use it. I used my phone but in a horizontal position it can't capture the full picture. Another problem was that my camera failed me during the first exercise and then I switched to the phone, that's why I took another video of the first exercise on the next day and then put it in, so the rest of exercises are from the original day 8. Only the bicep curls are from day 9, that's why there are 5 reps more than it should be.
OK, enough talk, on to the video!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

REAL STEEL short review

I was skeptical about this movie. I thought that robots would be completely generated by computers and that it's just one of many new films which fail miserably with their story and effects.
To my surprise it was quite a good film to watch. Many scenes involving robots seemed to have practical effects and only those where there was a lot of movement used CGI robots.
What's more, this film stirs up emotions. Whether you may be a father or a son it can't leave you untouched. The path to success which the main characters walked together during a short time they had reminds you of family bonds and something that you may have missed in your own life.
Strongly recommended for watching!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sandow's system 7 kg dumbbells - first impressions

I began using 7 kg dumbbells for my training and what struck me the most is that biceps curls are extremely hard to do even on the first days of the cycle. Reaching the required number of reps was as almost hard as reaching the number of reps required during the late days of the cycle. Other exercises didn't need any unusual efforts to do them.