Monday, January 23, 2017

8 kg dumbbells of Sandow's system - day 1

Hello. It's day 1 using 8 kg dumb-bells and I will not post day 7 because I want the video to be short. Day 1 has the minimum reps so it's perfect for a shorter video. Previously I wanted to show that I can go through the whole cycle and the middle day of the cycle would show it well balancing between the length of the video and the reps' quantity. I think that it's not needed now and I will just show the first day of this cycle and the next one which is supposed to be the last one.
The first impressions are similar to those I had of the previous cycle. The bicep curls are extremely hard to complete making the first day's 50 reps as difficult as when doing 100 reps with 6 kg dumbbells.
We'll see if I can reach the finishing line of 8 kg cycle and then 9 kg one. I will surely do small breaks in the bicep curls exercise. The third exercise also becomes hard to finish at higher reps.

Here's the video:

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