Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sandow's system 7 kg dumbbell results

Hello. I finished yet another cycle of Sandow's exercises with dumbbells and I am ready to give you my new results. 7 kilos were hard to tame, sometimes too hard so, as I expected, I had to have very short breaks in a set of bicep curls. I did something like this: nonstop to 70, then 5 breaths in and breaths out and a break of several breaths in and out at 90 or so. I used this way only during the last days of the cycle when the reps were closing in on 100 times. I had to do it like this since it was too painful to continue without a little break.

I incorporated neck exercises into this system modifying it even more to my liking. I use my DIY harness for one range of motion of the head and neck and then for the others I use my hands to create resistance. I did it as an experiment during some last few days of the cycle, so the next one will start with these exercises included.

Finally I reached the Neck/Bicep/Calf proportion! Ha-ha-ha! For years I've been thinking it would be so cool to get the same biceps size as were my calves and here I am, got there! Although it's not because my biceps grew largely, but because my calves shrank in size for some reason.

So, here are my measurements (all in cm):
Weight: 77.1 kg
Neck: 38
Chest (inhaled): 108
Biceps LR: 37.4; 38
Forearms LR: 29.8; 30.5
Waist: 84
Thighs LR: 59.5; 60.5
Calves LR: 38; 38

All measurements are taken next day after finishing the cycle, "cold".

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