Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sandow's system dumbbells training 7kg day 8

Hi, hi, hi! I am back with 7 kilos of dumbbells on my hands! Dammit, it's hard!! 😣
The first exercise - bicep curls - is the most difficult now! My left arm lags in development and it performs not as well as the right one, but I hope the exercises will even them out as Sandow told.
I also feel that I may start having a little break not only between the exercises but inside the bicep curl exercise as well, because it seems like I will not be able to pump up 100-120 reps in one go.
The second exercise is hard too, yet it has less reps so it's doable.

The video this time is vertical, I know it's bad, but my camera failed me so I can't use it. I used my phone but in a horizontal position it can't capture the full picture. Another problem was that my camera failed me during the first exercise and then I switched to the phone, that's why I took another video of the first exercise on the next day and then put it in, so the rest of exercises are from the original day 8. Only the bicep curls are from day 9, that's why there are 5 reps more than it should be.
OK, enough talk, on to the video!

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