Monday, January 30, 2017

Sandow's system of training with dumbbells (8kg) contemplations

Hello. Upon moving forward in the 8 kg cycle I stumble on some things such as the biceps curls and the spreading arms before chest exercise. The former I can't complete without having short breaks because my hands accumulate some kind of pain and I don't want to keep holding the dumbbells, and the latter becomes increasingly hard to complete, it's hard to keep arms in the horizontal position while connecting and spreading them. I am afraid I'll have to do a little break here as well.
Exercise 3 is hard too, I mentioned that before. Well, actually nothing is easy, except for the squats - that's the easiest exercise; and the shoulder raises - the second easiest one; and the overhead arms raises is the third on the scale of easiest exercises. All others are hard.

Interesting, how will I manage to go through the last cycle of 9 kg dumbbells?

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