Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DEADPOOL (2016 movie)

This film could be better provided it had more funding and of course it would look good in stereoscopic 3D.
The film has so many references and allusions to other movies and pop culture themes that it may be hard to fully appreciate it without all that background knowledge.
A strange thing is the connection or disconnection to the Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman where Deadpool was portrayed by the same actor (Ryan Reynolds) as in this 2016 entry of Deadpool character. It doesn't make sense to me. According to this newer film Deadpool hasn't met Wolverine yet and wasn't used by the military to serve in the spec ops team of mutants. If the events of the older film are set in the future of the newer film's world then why Deadpool from the future has perfectly normal face unlike the Deadpool from the newer film which is from the past of the older movie???  Confused? Me too! And that's probably not all the discrepancies we can find, I just don't want to be bothered by it.

Now let me introduce you the infamous bloopers of DEADPOOL (which I found)
The eye holes on the paper mask are shown to be rectangular at first and then they change to more roundish in shape.

Deadpool's head mask was punctured by a knife and his head was bleeding, yet it intermittently changes to a non-damaged version.

A staple which Deadpool used to fix the paper mask on his face changes its position from vertical to horizontal and then back to vertical.

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