Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mahou senshi Louie (anime mini review)

Mahou senshi Louie is a quite entertaining anime which allows you to laugh and be excited. Unfortunately it's all there is to it. The story is superficial, the characters don't develop their relationships deeply enough because they are as superficial as the story.

When you want the series to continue and tell you more about the main characters, to let you witness the heroic deeds of Louie which would make Melissa proud it all just ends leaving you frustrated. The frustration comes from the feeling of losing your time on watching the series because you never really got anywhere further than say first 4 or 5 episodes. You are left empty-handed and unsatisfied due to the aforementioned lack of plot and characters development.

Here are some mistakes or intended dumbassies from the anime:

Genie's pantyhose disappears and reappears - 

Louie and Genie went racing against each other and they ran for quite a long way never going in circles, yet the place they ave gone through appeared twice (lazy painters reusing the same background) - 

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