Monday, March 13, 2017

Sandow's system 5 kg dummbells plus warm up end results

Hello. Going back to 5 kilos of dumbbells was almost a breeze, so I was eager to finish this cycle and start the next one with 6 kg dumbbells because I could feel that 5 kg was not enough. Confirming my premonition the end results showed that I was regressing with this working weight.

While doing the warm up sequence of free play exercises before the main exercises my daily routine became very long - 1 hour and 10 minutes on average. The lengthening was caused not only by the addition of the warm up but also because of the main exercises done until my muscles ached or felt tired making the repetition numbers higher than the table values from the book.

The results (all in cm) 20 days after beginning the 5 kg cycle:
Weight - 76.95 kg
Neck - 38.5
Chest (inhaled) - 107
Biceps LR - 37; 37.7
Forearms LR - 30; 31
Waist - 84
Thighs LR - 59.2; 60.5
Calves LR - 38.3; 38.3

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