Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Neo Ranga (anime)

I anticipated a lot from this series. Why? Because a long time ago I saw the opening sequence and the song from it and both looked and sounded very interestingly and good.
Upon finally getting to watch this anime I have discovered that it's very shallow and simple. It's dragging for a long time without any serious development of the plot. It doesn't make a good use of antagonists and enemy "mechas". It's a big let down after all, one of those titles where an opening sequence is much better than the anime itself.
I must warn you that there will be no such weapons and scanty costumes which were shown on the disc covers and in the opening sequences as well as there will be no red "tattoo" lines on protagonists in the actual episodes, so don't waste your time.

Neo Ranga raises some important issues of the modern world and life, but the way it does it is of no significant interest.
Another dislike point for me was a change of style of drawing characters closer to the end of the series. It's like some other studio and designers took over the work. Maybe it was so, but why did they do that, I don't know. I'd rather them not do so.

A mistake I noticed in one of the episodes:

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