Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Intermediate photo report on following Sandow's dumbbells exercises system

This time I would just like to show you how I look while being on a diet and keeping training by Sandow's system.

Neo Ranga (anime)

I anticipated a lot from this series. Why? Because a long time ago I saw the opening sequence and the song from it and both looked and sounded very interestingly and good.
Upon finally getting to watch this anime I have discovered that it's very shallow and simple. It's dragging for a long time without any serious development of the plot. It doesn't make a good use of antagonists and enemy "mechas". It's a big let down after all, one of those titles where an opening sequence is much better than the anime itself.
I must warn you that there will be no such weapons and scanty costumes which were shown on the disc covers and in the opening sequences as well as there will be no red "tattoo" lines on protagonists in the actual episodes, so don't waste your time.

Neo Ranga raises some important issues of the modern world and life, but the way it does it is of no significant interest.
Another dislike point for me was a change of style of drawing characters closer to the end of the series. It's like some other studio and designers took over the work. Maybe it was so, but why did they do that, I don't know. I'd rather them not do so.

A mistake I noticed in one of the episodes:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sandow's system after 6 kg dumbbells while dieting - results

Hello. I finished the cycle of training with 6 kg dumbbells while dieting and losing fat at the same time. I lost not only fat but some muscle mass with it.
My meals became much smaller than before and I eat three chicken breasts on training days. I hoped it would give me enough of protein to still build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Unfortunately I am not some specially gifted guy for muscles thus I lost both.
What is good in all this is that I am starting to see my abs again. For now their top parts.
Almost at the end of this cycle I caught cold and had to take a break for 6 days, so in total I had 11 days without training.

All measurements are taken in centimeters:
Weight - 73.95 kg
Neck - 39 cm
Chest (inhaled) - 107 cm
Biceps LR - 36; 37.2 cm
Forearms LR - 29.5; 30.5 cm
Waist - 82 cm
Thighs LR - 58; 59 cm
Calves LR - 38; 38.5 cm

These days my meals usually look like this:

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Злые новости - Так кого же не любил мальчик?! (выпуск 20)

Ngai sing (Call of heroes) movie mini-review

This film can have different names: Ngai sing (the original Cantonese name), Call of heroes (international release name), or Wei cheng (Mandarin reading of the title characters which means "Dangerous town").

Summo-hung directed fighting choreography here, but I find to like his recent years' works less and less. He uses too much of wires and makes fighting scenes ridiculously supernatural or superhuman. Fighters do unreal flips in the air and possess strength of superhuman monsters. Everything is exaggerated and it doesn't do good for this kind of movies about seemingly normal people. I could understand fantastic moves and techniques in a film about super-heroes, but not about usual martial arts practitioners.

Many fighting scenes were shot under different angles and then edited to look terribly with constant camera jumps from one point of a scene to another making it very hard to appreciate a fight itself.

What is good in this movie is that the plot takes really unexpected turns. Unfortunately it's very predictable afterwards and once you've met those interesting twists in the story you won't meet any more of them.

I noticed a blooper, there may be more, it's just that this one was very obvious. One of the main characters naps in a chair waiting for a barber and he is wearing a pair of shoes of a particular design. In the next frame his shoes are different!

Cut and sexy - Taobao made a mistake

Another mistake of those who don't want to hire an English specialist or English proofreader.
When you write "Cut & sexy" in your underwear ad. campaign - what do you want to say by that??
Judging by the Chinese words there they wanted to say "Cute & sexy".

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Злые новости - Негроиды и дебилоиды! (выпуск 17)

Our camel clutch challenge?

My female opponent didn't feel like following my plan and she did a reversal on me rendering the camel clutch to be a two-way challenge!

Sandow's system (slightly modified) - complete routine including warm up...

This is my complete routine of Sandow's system of physical training with dumbbells. During the course of training I added some exercises and in this video you can see all of them and how I do them all. It's the final version of it and I won't do any more modifications, I think.
I followed Sandow's principle of doing exercises until it aches or feels tiring and I tried to do at least the recommended number of repetitions. I did the recommended number of reps for bicep curls and the follow-up exercise for forearms and for the last body bends exercise - 75, 35 and 35 as those are day 6th recommended numbers of reps.
I had five 1 minute breaks between some exercises  - arms to the sides kept horizontally while wrists rotate dumbbells, push-ups, pull-ups/chin-ups, squats.
What I added to the system are: the exercises for neck (pulling up dumbbells, hand resistance against head turns), weighted pull-ups/chin-ups (odd days - pull-ups, even days - chin-ups). Everything else is from the original system by Eugen Sandow found in his book "Sandow on physical culture" and "Strength and how to obtain it".

The video shows a complete non-stop routine including a warm-up recommended by Sandow. Day 6 of training cycle using 6 kg dumbbells.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The best bits of "Our Robocop remake"

This is a mini-review of Our RoboCop remake.
At first I was excited to try this movie, because I thought it was a really good remake made by people who love the original RoboCop. Why did I think so? Well, randomly I skipped to somewhere in the middle of the movie and I got there the scene where some rapers catch a woman and RoboCop protects her. I thought the whole thing was like that. The reality occurred to be like a cold shower. The remake is a bunch of clips put together and not in a good seamless way, but in a sloppy jump-to-the-next-scene way. It doesn't help at all that all  the different scenes were done by different directors and even actors, so sometimes you have to think hard who do you see now, a main character or someone else.
I understand that this is a parody but still, most of the clips are garbage-like and some are saved by their humor, yet some aren't and they are just a pain to watch, especially those cartoon ones. The jokes are of a very low level most of the time and sometimes they are almost repeated in some scenes.
I put together the best bits of this film for your viewing pleasure, the rest of it is not worth the time spent on making it nor on watching what came out of it.

I found a blooper too. In one of the scenes when there is a close-up on  RoboCop he is shown to be wriggling while having his nightmare, but when we see the whole set the he is sitting calmly and not moving at all.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

12 Chin-ups plus 10.25 kg of additional weight

Last time I did 12 times with 10 kg and this time I tried to add the minimum possible weight I had so it became 10.25 kg. Apparently it's not enough because I still could do 12 chin-ups. More weight next time!
Experienced people suggest adding as little weight as possible but there is one problem with that - with the minimum added weight I can still be close to 10 repetitions whereas I should be near 6... Should I add like a couple more kilos instead of hundreds of grams?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My weighted pull-ups with 10 kg - 11 times (half narrow grip 10 kg)

I reached 11 times on my weighted pull-ups, and I actually almost didn't train for it.
The last time I tried I could do only 9 times and that was the day before yesterday. Before that I didn't do anything for 10 days because I was ill. And before that I did pull-ups once a day, then I did chin-ups the next day and repeated it like that. I incorporated it into my Sandow's training program.

Next time I'll be adding weight since I did more than 10 pull-ups.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sandow's system 5 kg dummbells plus warm up end results

Hello. Going back to 5 kilos of dumbbells was almost a breeze, so I was eager to finish this cycle and start the next one with 6 kg dumbbells because I could feel that 5 kg was not enough. Confirming my premonition the end results showed that I was regressing with this working weight.

While doing the warm up sequence of free play exercises before the main exercises my daily routine became very long - 1 hour and 10 minutes on average. The lengthening was caused not only by the addition of the warm up but also because of the main exercises done until my muscles ached or felt tired making the repetition numbers higher than the table values from the book.

The results (all in cm) 20 days after beginning the 5 kg cycle:
Weight - 76.95 kg
Neck - 38.5
Chest (inhaled) - 107
Biceps LR - 37; 37.7
Forearms LR - 30; 31
Waist - 84
Thighs LR - 59.2; 60.5
Calves LR - 38.3; 38.3

My slow Internet connection

Guys, I'd like to demonstrate the pain I am often coping with when I try to upload my videos.
One look can speak better than a thousand of words, right?

Злые новости - Дикие люди! (выпуск 16)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Master lock challenge plus more (Asian wife jeans edition)

A wrestling session for our viewers who asked us to do some techniques such as Master lock or Figure 4 leg lock. We fulfilled all requests in this video. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mahou senshi Louie (anime mini review)

Mahou senshi Louie is a quite entertaining anime which allows you to laugh and be excited. Unfortunately it's all there is to it. The story is superficial, the characters don't develop their relationships deeply enough because they are as superficial as the story.

When you want the series to continue and tell you more about the main characters, to let you witness the heroic deeds of Louie which would make Melissa proud it all just ends leaving you frustrated. The frustration comes from the feeling of losing your time on watching the series because you never really got anywhere further than say first 4 or 5 episodes. You are left empty-handed and unsatisfied due to the aforementioned lack of plot and characters development.

Here are some mistakes or intended dumbassies from the anime:

Genie's pantyhose disappears and reappears - 

Louie and Genie went racing against each other and they ran for quite a long way never going in circles, yet the place they ave gone through appeared twice (lazy painters reusing the same background) - 

Злые новости - Детская комната милиции по ним плачет! (выпуск 15)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Pulling a 1.2 ton car by 76 kg male

For the first time in my life I attempted pulling a car. Quite possible and easy in the beginning, but aftereffects are terrible! Comparable to running a timed 3.5 km race.
My legs were pretty tired, like after squats with a barbell, I was out of my breath for a long time, like 20 minutes, my throat was burning for an hour.
This is really a good way to train stamina and power.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hagane no renkinjutsushi FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST

Fullmetal alchemist (2003) TV series is a wonderful anime! If you like action and serious stories then it is surely for you. There is blood, there are killings, there are tragedies and adventures, mysticism and science - it's all there! If you want some brotherly love and friendship ties, revenge and forgiveness - watch this anime!

Opening and ending sequences are embellished with cool music making them a pleasure to watch.

Here I am going to show you some "mistake" which I found, but it contains a little spoiler. Scroll down at your own risk :)

I noticed one "mistake" - it was Nina's body remains on the wall. The first episode showed them like this 

but the next one changed it completely showing us just a big blood stain on the wall

DIY dip belt (for lighter weights)

You know, doing weighted pull-ups or chin-ups using a backpack is not very comfortable and the weight distribution is far from being ideal. Thus people use dip belts for dips and pull-ups with weights. I was thinking if I should buy one or make one myself. The simplicity of the latter option outweighed the former one and I got to work!

I used a strong strap belt used for towing cars or strapping some loads on trucks. Okay, mine is not that strong, but it'll do for the time being. I just don't know how to call this kind of a belt.
At first I thought I would need some more things to make a usable dip belt, but it appeared that just a piece of the strap belt is enough! Just cut it with a knife or scissors to be suitable for your waist and to be not too long so weights wouldn't hit the floor on each of your dips.

You can just tie your dumbbells to it and use it right away!

On the second thought I decided to use my dumbbell plates which were lying around without use anyway, so I wouldn't need to bother attaching my dumbbells every time I wanted to do weighted pull-ups.
Again, just the belt may be enough if you make a sturdy and big enough knot on one end of the belt. The knot will not let the plates slip off the belt. A better idea is to reinforce the knot by some kind of a stick. It may be a bolt, or whatever sturdy enough to support the weights without breaking. I used a piece of some wooden branch which was lying behind my cupboard (for what purpose it was put there - long forgotten).

Fixing the belt on your body shouldn't be a problem.

Enjoy your training!

P.S.: I used a lighter to burn the cut ends of the belt making them less hairy.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Joe Vargas looks like the War (Quintesson's face)

I think that Joe Vargas looks like one of Quintesson's faces, the face of War. Do you think so too?

Mila Kunis and Alexandra Stan - sisters?

Check this out! I think it's really hard to recognize who is who on some of this photos.
Try to guess which photo shows Mila Kunis and which photo shows Alexandra Stan. The answers are at the bottom of this post :)

Kunis, Stan, Stan, Kunis, Kunis, Stan.