Tuesday, November 8, 2016

DIY tablet (pad) holder for a door knob

Hello, everyone!
I want to share my DIY thingy - tablet (pad) holder for a door knob.

You will need a cardboard box, scissors, some straws or sticks to fix a tablet inside the box and that's it.

First, put the tablet in the box and make 4 holes as close to the surface of the tablet as possible, on the same line of the tablet frame in order not to cover the screen. Then make a hole suitable for your door's knob.

Second, put the straws through the holes.

Third, connect the straws as in the photo.

Fourth, use your tablet holder as you see fit.

In my case I spend meaningful time in the toilet translating some manga, so I need my hands free to use a translation software in my phone. 😁

It's pretty safe and the tablet won't fall out easily.

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